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yes4yes provides a suite of Internet services
to expand your business.


We provide a fresh set of eyes and skills to review the positioning of your company, products and services.

  • Competitive Analysis - to determine your core strengths in the marketplace
  • Audience Surveys - to understand the needs of your target audience
  • Online Assessment - a full review of your online presence


Creation of impactful content for memorable messages, viral exposure, product demos and educational training.

  • Graphics - logo creation, print materials and email messages
  • Photography - portraits, products and fashion
  • Video - web splash elements, demos, viral promotions and training
  • Sound - backing sound tracks, ad jingles and presentation recording


Development of web sites, online systems and services to improve traffic, engage your audience, increase sales and provide customer services that will enhance your reputation and keep your customers coming back.

  • Web Sites - responsive design, alluring landing pages, internationalization
  • eCommerce - product catalogs, secure sales, partner portals, customer service
  • Integration - to your sales, marketing, production and accounting systems
  • Social Networking - ongoing audience engagement, viral marketing campaigns




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